Not to my worst enemy…

I always thought highly of democracy. I used to think it was a given, God’s gospel truth of some sort. At least in my country. What a fool I was… Now we have the economical crisis. And the debt. And suddenly, there is no more democracy. Not for us, not anymore.

I look around and I see the truths of a time not so long ago, of fights given and won, of lives lost and forgotten. Of rights being taken away with no explanation whatsoever. We have been through this in Greece, time and again… How long has it been since our last authoritarian regime? 40 Years? It must be exactly that long. Not half a century since my country had to fight for it’s freedom once again. I look at the face of my father and I see a fear I cannot comprehend. He knows what it was like. To have your hands bound behind your back. To have your mouth shut, your voice dead in your throat. Your thoughts controled and your every step watched.

Our control over our lives long gone. Our future is a bird that was hastily shot down just as it had grown it’s wings. I think I can feel the walls closing around us. I think I can hear the chains whisper around my feet, my heart broken.

But I can also feel a fire burning inside me. I can feel my soul expanding, my anger feeding my need to break through, to hunt them down. To ruin anyone or anything that tries to stop me from getting my rightful freedom back. I can feel my blood boil and I know I’m not the only one. This is an ugly game they started but we are going to play, it’s not a matter of choice anymore.

Yesterday, our  public service broadcasting channels and radio stations were shut down by the goverment. Just like that, no big discussion, no lawful procedures, nothing. As if with a royal decree they decided to shut down our national television and radio stations. Greece is now the only country in the whole wide world that does not have a national television channel. I don’t know how to describe how I was feeling while I was watching the last minutes of our last democratic and objective source of information. I hope we will manage to find our way back from the Middle Ages we are currently living.


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