So a professor from my class showed us this video as an example of different kinds of esthetics. Ok, basically, he showed us how you can achieve different results by productively using the computer (and mainly your brains, experience, creativity, talent and knowledge but you know what I mean) and yes it is true, it is awesome and it makes me feel as big as half a dot.

So, to the video itself, well, to me, it’s obviously amazing and brilliant. With excellent esthetics, music and animation.

The story is about how our civilization affects the whole world and everything in it and tries to show us that we don’t see far enough, in the future or in the world around us, maybe in our current state of existence. We don’t truly realise what we do, to ourselves even.
We will be dead and buried and all those things that seemed important will have no more meaning. All those things we created will still stand empty. Gun machines and tall buildings filled with nothing. An endless parade of death carved in gray stones. Or at least that’s what I got from it and the description.

I love the little detail in the end, where the letters are set in a way as to remind us of an eye examination. Seems like we need it

From the video’s description:

Currently showing at Mark Moore Gallery, Culver City as part of ‘Empty Distances’, a group show by Caryn Coleman.

Directed and Animated by Alan Warburton.
Commissioned by Animate Projects for Channel 4’s Random Acts series.
Soundtrack by Max Richter.

‘Z’ is composed entirely of z-depth images – also known as ‘luminance depth’ or ‘depth map’ images. Z-depth is a ghostly black & white data-driven format native only to CG animation. The function of the z-depth image is similar to radar or the MRI scan. It interprets objects within a scene according to distance: those closest to camera are black, those furthest away are white (or vice versa). Details are lost at either end of the spectrum, and are likewise revealed within the middle distance. Functionally, this allows CGI artists to pull camera focus in post-production by using the monochromatic shades in the z-depth pass to isolate and focus on the corresponding depths of the full-colour CG scene.

The ‘selective vision’ embodied by the Z-depth image format has informed the theme of the animation – the production of historical narrative. Z is about how we make sense of the clutter of current events, how we create epochs, and how, in an era of intense global change, we are affected by a kind of longterm myopia that obscures us to the larger forces at work.

Full Credits:
Directed and Animated by Alan Warburton.
Commissioned by Animate Projects for Channel 4’s Random Acts series.
Soundtrack ‘Iconography’ by Max Richter, courtesy of Fat Cat Records.
Title Card by I Love New Work.
Special thanks to Mainframe.


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