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Sold: The Movie

Was it time to post this trailer? I don’t know, the movie is going to be reliesed sometime in 2014 and I have absolutely no idea of how it is actually going to be. The trailer gives nothing away really, only what really matters, stop human trafficking. It is amazing not the simple humanitarian message, but the excelent way with which it is delivered. The motion of the graphics is so good, so meaningful and right and simple. It says what it needs to say and that’s it.

As I see it, when the need for expression is such that cannot be silenced, first and foremost by the individual that has said need and secondly by the society that surrounds it, then the result is always good and simple. If what you want to say is really a need of expression that comes from deep inside you for whatever reason then what you make with it will contain a piece of who you really are, of your true self, the one you begin to know. It is the human side, the small parts of our souls that give beauty or repulsion to our creations.

I don’t know if any of that makes any sense.