This is a very interesting video I just discovered (lucky accident, was looking for something entirely different) about what motivates people.

And it is interesting because about a month ago I read an article about jobs that shouldn’t exist. About how many jobs that actually are satisfying and make a real contribution to the world, are considered bad jobs from the society in order to serve our economical and -mainly- our political system. It is not the same thing as what ┬áthis video referes to, but I think the two of them combined tell us a good story about modern world. So yeah, capitalism created shitty jobs that paid well but the producted result was useless for the employers who didn’t enjoy their jobs (because they didn’t really do anything) and for the world in general because it had no real purpose.

So we were, and many of us still are, working for nothing but money until the big economical crisis hit and took the money away which led to mass suicides and world hysteria since many people thought their lives didn’t actually have any purpose now that they didn’t have money. So now our brilliant researchers found out that people are intelectual beings and should be motivated by something more than money in order to work well. Gee, I don’t know about you guys but I’m flattered. Look dad, I’m a real person now.

I only know one thing after all this. Bad things and good things come in pairs. Many of us have been plagued by the economical crisis, have serious problems in our everyday lives, but we now know a very important lesson, that we might not really have kown before. There are things more important than money in this life folks. My advice to you, live your lives anyway you want to and do the things you love for free. If you also love your job good for you. If you don’t and can’t quit do something good for this God forsaken world! Trust me, it will make you feel better!



An amazing pencil animation by Joanna Quinn. Such excellent movement and animation craftmanship is almost unimaginable. This artist can give life and emotion to lines and make it seem effortless. Loved it. I’m not even going to discuss the great storyline and humour. Excellent as they were as well I couldn’t take my mind and eye away from what I saw long enough to think about them. I had to watch it 3 times in order to pay the necessary attention.