Sometimes you should rewatch.

This is a big deal people. There have been many times where I happened to rewatch a film or a short and I had to reconsider my original opinion. I must say that, to me, it is awesome when that happens. It just proves how incidental most things are. Sometimes you’re in the wrong mood, or too tired, or you simply miss the point. Rewatch stuff. Always. Any film has something more to give, something you didn’t notice the first time you watched and it can be magical, for a movie geek at least.

This is an example of a good rewatch. I am not a Simpsons fan. And I didn’t really like this short the first time around. I was so taken with Paperman that it seemed… sloppy. The truth is it isn’t. It is quite smart and funny. And watch for the Ayn Rand jokes in the background, they are awesome. Enjoy!


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