The Wind Rises

This is excruciating! To know there is a new Miyazaki film out there and not be able to watch it yet!!

You know it before you see the trailer. You know it will be heartbreaking in it’s beauty, it is a studio Ghibli film after all, but still, it is a new Hayao Miyazaki film. If animation had a God, it would be Miyazaki.

For me, It’s not just that his movies are perfect in every respect. His movies have soul. You can see parts of humanity in them. The parts that keep this world going. He said in an interview (which you can read here, please do it’s really good!) that even though he is a pessimist, he believes children should be left alone, to choose their own view of the world, so he tries to control his pessimism and not let it show through his films. Well he’s done it I believe. Whenever I watch (or endlessly rewatch) one of his films I always feel the world as a better place when the movie ends. They have such a poetic beauty. I must also admit, that he is one of those people I wish would never grow old. When you have so much to give, all the time in the world cannot be enough. I was sad for days when Glen Keane retired. It was one of my life’s dreams to see him working one day (that non existing day when I would actually work for Disney. Oh well, a girl can dream). It was even worst when I read that Miyazaki said once again he will retire. I try to think he won’t actually do it. It will be the end of an era for animation. At least that’s how I see it.


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