Happy belated new year everybody!

I don’t know about you guys but it seems to me like it’s been a year since january 1st. The ending of the semester and the workload that follows it has worn me down badly. But anyway, this is a post for a happy-happy story from Germany, where a 22 year old college student impressed Hollywood with his excellent 3D sci-fi short film called R’ha. It already has the air of Hollywood, the graphics and directing are first class. Lets give our best wishes to this guy! Enjoy!

Oh I visited his blog, obviously, the man has gone where few men have gone before, he has some great artwork, (you should probably go and see it) and I read this: ” I only didn´t actually consider it [getting in the cinema/graphics bussiness] because I thought in Germany you can pretty much forget about movies”. Come on man get real, some of the best movies out there are German for Christ’s sake. Germany has probably the largest economy in Europe right now, how could he possibly say that?

I know I’m not being nice right now, but that was a wrong thing to say. It’s simply a matter of politics. Hollywood is going down, and Europe is moving upwards as far as cinema goes right now. The best movies are produced here, the awards at Cannes are much more important than the Oscars, the best actors/directors/musicians are european and now that money is moving towards the East, they will migrate as well. Don’t sell us short my friend.




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