Told you about rewatching

I watched frozen for like the 3rd time. This movie keeps growing on me, everytime I see it I like it more. First time I saw it I was like “excellent animation (disney, duh), awesome character losing awesomeness as the movie progresses (Elsa), an overally bad script”.

But, after watching it for the 3rd time and ending up liking it (forgive me Father for I have sinned) I had a moment of enlightenment about Disney in general. Here’s a treat for those who will read this post (brave souls) because I can tell from now that I’ll be going on and on and on (Disney this and Disney that) for quite some time.

Ok, here it comes.

All prejudices aside, this movie could have been a legend based on it’s basic analysis.

I mean, you have 2 well written main characters.You have Anna, who is an ordinary girl (appearances aside, bear with me I’ll get to that later), sweet and compationate and awkward, with a great capacity for love; and at the same time is quite independant, stubborn and can hold her own battles. Then you have Elsa, a quite complex character as far as Disney goes. She has been treated poorly by her parents, was a prisoner in her own house, in her own mind because of her special powers (put needs here and it could be a real story drawn for the 40s) so that her parents could protect themselves, their other daughter and their position in society (no one must ever know). That fact made her close herself off, afraid of everyone and everything, not able to accept herself for who she was and fear and anxiety where eating her from inside out. Still, she is a very strong character, independant and willful, with a deep capacity for emotions who became a monarch (and was quite good at it) and was able to rule in peace and justice inspite of all the things that happened to her. I mean, we have some good character development here.

Not only that, but the movie is riddled with modern messages about the nature of women’s position in society. Disney here is changing its previous standarts about love and women. It’s more centered around the emotions between two sisters, its main characters are both independant women who don’t need any man to save them e.t.c. We have to give the creators some credit for those elements. But still, it could have been much better, even for a fairytale, had Disney finally decided to stop the charade of all fluffy lovey-dovey-in the end stuff. If it didn’t break the tension with joking around, if it didn’t say all those things I mentioned above between lines, but had come out and screamed them as loud as possible. Why make Elsa so repressed and then release her from her bonds if all we are going to see is a super model in a cool dress and a grand castle? After all those years hidding she would have torn off the facade and screamed to the heavens for absolution, she would have made that castle and then she have it blown to pieces just because she could do it. As for the beautiful women thing, I don’t want to get into that right now. All I’m gonna say is than no one looks so fabulous when is exiled and is trying to find his/her real self and battle with his/her long repressed fears and emotions.

I’m going to stop here before I really get into this and never end this post. All in all, I think that if Disney had used more truth and honesty during the storytelling procedure it would have been beyond excelent. Good job for changing your policies people, next time try showing more real emotion for a change.

Oh! Did I mention that this is the first Disney movie both written and directed by a woman? Kudos to Jennifer Lee!!


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