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Ok I told myself I wouldn’t post whatever I make in this blog but I’m so happy for this little thing. It’s my last semester’s animation project and I am very happy with the way it turned out. I have posted student films here before so don’t judge me too hard. I hope you will like it!

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I found a goldmine


So great to find nice youtube channels. This short animation made me all teared up. So tender in its simplicity and deeply moving conclusion. Our memories and experiences being like balloons, delicately floating around us. In the end it is our memories and people’s reactions to us that define who we are, I think.


Oh! You can check out the artist’s blog here, she has some very nicely drawn sketches etc.

Today's animation

Disney Week Day 7: Bad Disney

Ok I tried to find something beyond awesome and perfect for the last day. But the truth is, I’m a Disney fan so pretty much anything it produces is perfect (as far as Disney animation studios go, don’t mix it with the Disney Channel horrors), or almost perfect in the end for me. So I decided for your sake to show an ugly and bad side of Disney today.

During WWII our beloved (shush, bear with me) evil corporation was down in the gutter and hurting for money. So, as these things usually go for the big and powerful, they tried to make the best of a really bad situation. They created (after being approached by the American military offices) propagandistic cartoons for the American government, trying to increase people’s support of “America goes to war”. The money they made from these short films not only saved them from bankruptcy they also increased their popularity as a film studio.

I found one of those short animations a while ago and I must say I was horrified. It’s not the way it’s made, they make fun of the Nazi’s, it’s the message and it’s bearer. First of all, Nazi’s are not a subject to make fun of (the way racists grow in numbers in my country is terrifying so I can’t see the joke) and second of all, to see Donald Duck, of all characters, trying to convey a message of war was shocking. He represented innocence to me, he is part of my childhood and of countless other children he is not supposed to talk about war and nationalism, it’s wrong.

So long prologue ends here, sorry for the delay, here is the cartoon to end my Disney week. Here’s to a nice Monday people!

Artists Catalogue, Making Of

Disney Week Day 5: Beauty and the Beast

Ok, I might have lied a bit on the title. This is for Glen Keane once again as much as it is for Beauty and the Beast. What can I say, I love the man. This is a sequence made with production material and the actual artwork made by Glen Keane. It is also a small documentary about how this magnificent scene was made. But mainly, you should watch the transofrmation, it’s beyond awesome. The way this man draws is unbelievable. I saw a video the other day where he was drawing Tarzan, and you could actually see the character after he drew like, 2 lines. There isn’t enough space on the internet to describe how truly difficult it is to reach that level of mastery in drawing. It needs extreme training of the mind and the eye and the hand and the connection between them and a vast knowledge of human nature and movement and… I’m gonna stop right here. Enjoy!

Artists Catalogue

Disney Week Day 4: Glen Keane

Glen Keane. What more can I say? I am humbled by this. Even the way he’s flipping the sheets is amazing, is screaming experience. And those people in the audience, they are having a class. They have Glen Keane for a teacher. I think I hate them, just a little bit. Just watch. He is also hillarious. And has a clear voice. What am I saying. Glen Keane is God.

If I am not mistaken, Disney hasn’t found someone to replace him. Haha, good luck to the lucky animator, it’s gonna be tough (or I should say impossible) trying to fill his shoes.

Part 2!

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Disney Week Day 3: Classics

I had a VHS (the term itself is full of memories) when I was a kid that had some Disney cartoon classics, from the really old ones to the then-modern ones. This one was included and it was one of my favourites mainly due to the cards chasing mickey, it seemed hilarious back then. It’s kinda awesome that -to me at least- it doesn’t seem dated today, not really. Enjoy!

Making Of

Disney Week Day 2: Draaaaaawing

This is why I love these people, honestly. These small documentaries are awesome, not only because we get a glimpse out of how they make all those wonderful films,, but I think because we can see the face of the artists, the people who actually make the films. And we can realise that it’s them making it all absolutely perfect. That not all we see on screen is a multi billion dollar corporation who brought Hanna Montana into the world. So watch this one, which I think is beautiful, and if you have time go to youtube and watch the rest of them too! They only last for a couple of minutes each.

Today's animation

Disney Week Day 1: reels

Ok, I wanted to find production reels. Yeah right, not a lot of those around the internet. I found this infinitely cute reel/short story though. I had really enjoyed Princess and the Frog when it came out. I hadn’t seen a 2d animation movie in a long time and it was wonderful to see a Disney one again. Not to mention the refreshing New Orleans style and jazz. And the little feministic protagonist. And the frogs, all the frogs, I love frogs. This is just a silly little animation game, but still so so good.