Disney Week Day 5: Beauty and the Beast

Ok, I might have lied a bit on the title. This is for Glen Keane once again as much as it is for Beauty and the Beast. What can I say, I love the man. This is a sequence made with production material and the actual artwork made by Glen Keane. It is also a small documentary about how this magnificent scene was made. But mainly, you should watch the transofrmation, it’s beyond awesome. The way this man draws is unbelievable. I saw a video the other day where he was drawing Tarzan, and you could actually see the character after he drew like, 2 lines. There isn’t enough space on the internet to describe how truly difficult it is to reach that level of mastery in drawing. It needs extreme training of the mind and the eye and the hand and the connection between them and a vast knowledge of human nature and movement and… I’m gonna stop right here. Enjoy!


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