Death Fails

This is an animated short recommended by my animation teacher for inspiration on the subject of death. I had an idea in my head and she wanted to prove to me that you can grab the most macabre of subjects and turn it into something funny, or original, or sarcastic of whatever you want, as long as that’s what you want to say. You have to follow many roads to get to the same spot, in order to find which one suits you most.

So that is my journey these days. This video is a part of it and I found it very refreshing. I hope you will share the same fascination and laugh at the games of fate in this short like I did. Enjoy!


Back with a bark

Sorry for the absence people but things have been crazy these last few days. I have to tell you, expect shit to happen -a lot- when you start your internship. Aaaanyway, I’m gonna make it up to you with some funny videos today

How can one not love birdbox studio? Aren’t these guys and gals awesome? I spend way too much time on their channel so trust me when I tell you to watch one of their shorts.  I love it when a short lives up to the term. It’s very difficult to communicate your idea in a minute or two efficiently and -in this case- humorously too. Enjoy!