A noob animator’s problems

Hello dear readers. Please, do allow me to grumble for a short while. I promise to make it up to you later.

So, I was making a character model in 3ds max. Just trying to understand how the program works in terms of form and animation. I’ve only made environments so far so it was bound to be a small struggle. It is now 4 o’clock in the morning here and I just watched my poor computer finally crush.

I had my model and I had its bone structure with all the links and hi solvers and all. And it was time to connect the two. And then, with that seemingly simple action, my poor model became a transformer every-time it moved. So I waved my fists for a short while, tried a couple of things, mumbled a few curses and after it all came to naught, googled it. And came up with nothing. I am too tired to even cry about it. I know I have probably done a monumental mistake, or something incredibly stupid. My latest attempt at salvation crushed the program.

That’s my story of the day. If there is anyone else out there feeling betrayed by him/herself, technology AND google, here’s a short to bring back your smile. Good day.



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