The Adventures of Prince Achmed

This is a clip from the oldest surviving animated feature film. Made in Germany in 1926 by a woman named Lotte Reiniger who always loved Chinese shadow puppetry and after attending a lecture from Paul Wegener about animation and it’s possibilities, she decided to combine those two techniques.

It is the result of three years worth of work and the collaboration of several famous animators of that time. Of course most of the work was done by Lotte Reiniger herself, which is a wonder if you think that it each figure was made from hard paper and 24 frames were needed per second. That’s a whole lot of tiny pieces of paper, moving over a well lit screen.

So here is a small part of that wonderus film. It’s things like that, that restore my faith in humanity. The fact that one of the very first feature-length animated films ever made was made by a woman didn’t hurt either.


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