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I’m posting this video in case there are still some of you around here who believe animators are normal people.

No we’re not. We’re crazy psychopaths. Sitting all day behind a screen (or several mountains of paper), stressing over an imaginary person’s shoelaces and how they don’t move naturally. Writing stories that don’t always make any sense. And then enjoying and promoting said stories for other people to enjoy as well.

I mean, really, ever since I started working on my senior project (a short animated film) I have lost all contact with the world. I speak about my characters as if they are actual people. “No, he wouldn’t do that, it’s not his style”. “Do you think he aged well?”. All day I’ll be either sketching, scanning, digital drawing, line testing, second guessing myself, sleeping, eating or stressing about all of the above. And then the actual animation will turn out ok, it will be a 3 second sequence and all will be right with the world. If that’s not a crazy person’s behaviour I don’t know what is.

If you don’t believe me, watch this short. It’s crazy. And it’s still awesome.

Produced at Ecole Georges Méliès (www.ecolegeorgesmelies.fr)
For more information on the film visit http://www.parigot-themovie.com
Distributed by http://www.premium-films.com

CREDITS: Film by Mehdi Alavi, Loic Bramoulle, Axel Digoix, Geoffrey Lerus, Alexandre Wolfromm, Arash Safaian (Music).

Today's animation

La Valse Du Pendru

This animated film is the one thing live action films can never be, entirely artistic. It is beautiful and telling in its own allegorical way. It is this freedom of cinematic speech through images, music and motion that makes animation unique and appealing and it’s a shame that the industrialization of the art of animation has overshadowed said freedom. In any case, this student film gets it. Enjoy!

Picture : Agnès Patron
Original Music : Pierre Oberkampf

-PISAF 2010 Official selection (Puchon International Student Animation Festival)
-Festival international des écoles de cinéma – 32e édition des Rencontres Henri Langlois – 2010
-Festival International du Film pour enfant à Zlin – 2009
-Exposition “Matière à rétro-projeter” Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris – 2009
-FICAM (Festival International du Film d’Animation de
Meknès) – 2009

Today's animation


Another painfully beautiful video about bullying. Even if the act itself never touched you, this video will.

Animation Credits:
A collaboration with Shane Koyzcan and Vancouver Opera
Creative Direction: Leah Nelson, Jorge R. Canedo Estrada & Henrique Barone
Producer: Teresa Toews
Art Direction: Jorge R. Canedo Estrada
Concept and Storyboard: Jorge R. Canedo Estrada, Henrique Barone & Leah Nelson with help from Rachel Peake & Shane Koyzcan
Design: Henrique Barone, Lucas Brooking, Jorge R. Canedo Estrada, Gergely Wootsch & Shawn Hight
Animation: Jorge R. Canedo Estrada, Henrique Barone, Shawn Hight, Nicholas Ferreira, Marisabel Fernandez

Animation Montage:
Voiceover: Shane Koyczan
Music: Hand Covers Bruise, Reprise by Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross
Edit: Jorge R. Canedo Estrada

You can buy Shane’s original Stickboy Book here: goo.gl/Jeu4wH

I wonder if the timer on the boy and the monster coming out from within it is the bully, the monster that hides in plain sight, or if it’s the bully’s victims, trapping all their fear and anger inside.

Cinema-related videos

The Departure

Has any of you guys seen and/or read “a Streetcar Named Desire”? Either way, you’re gonna have to see this prequel by the Young Vic theatre.

I read that play a few years ago and I had the pleasure of seeing it by the aforementioned theatre in September. It was an amazing experience. It swam around in my head for weeks, it was hard to let go. This short film has the same atmosphere they created for the play, very melancholic and beautiful. Their interpretation of Blanche’s life before we meet her in the play made my heart clench all over again. Damn you people.

Anyway, enjoy!