I’m posting this video in case there are still some of you around here who believe animators are normal people.

No we’re not. We’re crazy psychopaths. Sitting all day behind a screen (or several mountains of paper), stressing over an imaginary person’s shoelaces and how they don’t move naturally. Writing stories that don’t always make any sense. And then enjoying and promoting said stories for other people to enjoy as well.

I mean, really, ever since I started working on my senior project (a short animated film) I have lost all contact with the world. I speak about my characters as if they are actual people. “No, he wouldn’t do that, it’s not his style”. “Do you think he aged well?”. All day I’ll be either sketching, scanning, digital drawing, line testing, second guessing myself, sleeping, eating or stressing about all of the above. And then the actual animation will turn out ok, it will be a 3 second sequence and all will be right with the world. If that’s not a crazy person’s behaviour I don’t know what is.

If you don’t believe me, watch this short. It’s crazy. And it’s still awesome.

Produced at Ecole Georges Méliès (
For more information on the film visit
Distributed by

CREDITS: Film by Mehdi Alavi, Loic Bramoulle, Axel Digoix, Geoffrey Lerus, Alexandre Wolfromm, Arash Safaian (Music).


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