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The fountain

I should really be more cautious when I decide to rewatch something….

This masterpiece of a movie came out when I was 14, I think. I remember crying a lot about it but its core, its meaning, didn’t really get through to me, obviously. So, after a long talk on cinematography with a colleague of mine, I decided it deserved another go.

I am of the opinion that the script is the most important part of a film. A film tells a story, the better the story, the better the film. Also, good material can highlight the beauty of the film as a whole, its cinematography, music etc. Everything becomes more meaningful when there is a strong message supporting it. This movie had such an excellent script. Such beauty, romanticism, reality and meaning all combined in this wondrous piece of work. The idealism behind the novel (written by both characters) gives us such strong imagery, it speaks strongly about the meaning of love and life and death, about how we wish we could keep somethings forever. And then we have our protagonist above his wife’s grave, grieving, but in the end moving on. Because that’s life.

It’s painful to know that with all our ideas and dreams of that something more, of meaning and eternity in our existence and deeds, we lead mortal lives and as our lives go forth and change even if we don’t want them to, so does everything else.

I find myself weeping once more because of this film. I know that like my colleague, lots of people are going to argue that it’s the one film by Aronofsky that didn’t quite hit the mark. I say it’s probably one of the most underrated films I have seen. Its subject is so theoretical and elusive that it demands vagueness. One cannot speak with certainty about life and death and human nature. And Aronofsky, excellent director and writer that he is, caught that and left us hanging.

I started writing this post wanting to speak about the beautiful cinematography and I ended up talking about why it was so beautiful. You can see and learn about the science behind it in these videos. Enjoy!