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Regarding Hypatia #3 and #4

Last part, honestly. Myths and Literature is the theme. Humanity has such a passion for drama.
You know what to do 🙂
Parts 1 (Hypatia’s Life) and 2(Hypatia’s Work) for anybody interested.
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Cinema-related videos

135 Shots That Will Restore Your Faith In Cinema

This video is exactly what it says. It’s a montage of shots from many films with amazing cinematography. It’s  a lesson in great editing and it is going to captivate you for sure. Enjoy!

I’m such a good person I have found a list of all the films shown here. They are listed below if you are interested, along with the cinematographers’ name.
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Random thoughts

Regarding Hypatia #2

Sorry, again, for the irrelevance of this post. Same tactics as last time, don’t hit “read more” if Hypatia is of no interest to you. For those interested, this post will be centered on her work as a philosopher and a mathematician.

If you’ve read my previous post (I probably love you but that’s not the point) go ahead and read this one too. For those who don’t know what I’m talking about but are interested in finding out (yay!) go here, read that one first and come back afterwards for part 2.
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Random thoughts

Regarding Hypatia

Hey everyone! I took a hell of a trip into the past these last few days and I’m still buzzing with excitement. If you guys wanna dive into the life of a very unique and influential woman whose story has become legend, hold on tight and read on. Sorry to everyone else for the irrelevant post, I’m gonna put a “Read More” tag right here so you don’t get chocked from the block of text that follows. A nice short is coming up sometime later today 🙂

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