Return to Prague School

Since we were talking about claymation and stop motion last time I thought it would be prudent to mention Jan Svankmajer.

If you’re looking for first class stop motion, he is the man you should turn to. Excellent storytelling techniques, surrealism at its best and with a very caustic tone, his films are small masterpieces and beautifully singular. Enjoy!

I have only made a selection of the ones I like. There’s so much material out there, if you like his work there are other films you can discover yourself. I should point out that he is an artist that might seem too strange at first glance, throw you a bit off-balance. I know it happened to me when I first watched one of his films, but he truly is so good, I couldn’t stop watching them. After a rewatch (that’s why we should always, always rewatch the good and the strange) I caught up with him and never looked back.


Emma (2012)

How very Tim Burton-ish. Very nicely weird.

Hollywood is such a factory these days, it always was but it seems like ever since the great big studios discovered just how much money they can save by using special effects, every single film released gets a nice digital makeover and they all end up looking pretty much the same (and a little fake because lets face it, there’s bad cgi going on in Hollywood land). Shorts like this one give me hope. And since a little quirkyness never hurt anyone I hope you’ll like it too.