Emma (2012)

How very Tim Burton-ish. Very nicely weird.

Hollywood is such a factory these days, it always was but it seems like ever since the great big studios discovered just how much money they can save by using special effects, every single film released gets a nice digital makeover and they all end up looking pretty much the same (and a little fake because lets face it, there’s bad cgi going on in Hollywood land). Shorts like this one give me hope.ย And since a little quirkyness never hurt anyone I hope you’ll like it too.

5 thoughts on “Emma (2012)

    • Yeah, it’s a really nice short and it’s a student film!

      Oh my God Mary and Max is so good! It’s one of my favourite animated films ๐Ÿ™‚

      • yep.. i have never before watched any great movie like Mary and Max.. It is so cool.
        Ever since i watched it i look forward to seeing movies on claymation, they are simply so close to real.

      • If you haven’t seen his work yet, you really should check out Jan Svankmajer. When it comes to stop motion and claymation, he is the true master of the craft.

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