Officially an animator

Hello everybody!

It’s been a long long while I know. But, I took August off, and by off I mean I didn’t touch a computer for almost the entire month and I practically spent 10 days on the beach. I live in Greece, we may be poor but the sea is like, right there.

So after a month of detoxification, I spent September buried 10 ft deep into my thesis (because I need to get my degree someday) and I got a job in October! Yes, I am by all accounts, an animator. Happy, happy, happy, busy, busy, busy, but I’m here now and I have some nice videos for you!

I’m gonna start with THIS truthful, awesome video from Vox, about how special effects make movies suck. You hear that Hollywood?! Get some damn good scriptwriters back and push the computer gang on the back seat, because movies are about stories and characters, not HD explosions.

Stay in tune for more!


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