The Old New World

I would have added this for the title alone. The fact that it is also a very nicely made video, is a welcome bonus.

Honestly, it is a very nostalgic video. And when it ended, I was left wanting more. Is there any way we can persuade the creator to make similar projects about different places? I would say different time periods, but I think half the magic of this work is the fact that it reminds us of a reality known to us, a reality familiar to our senses, but at the same time, a reality utterly lost to us.

The simplicity of the world back then has a certain appeal to our modern lives. We are constantly on alert, too preoccupied with ourselves, our problems, our jobs and our digital identities, to just take a few moments of simply being. Of looking at the people and the world around us, taking a deep breath and living life as it happens.

If you find yourselves in need of such moments, watch this video. It gifted me with such peace, it might have the same affect on you. Enjoy!