Hi! This is Ioanna Varsou’s blog. Ioanna writes stories, makes storyboards, creates and animates characters, struggles through making backgrounds and prays for being a passable editor and effects designer. In short, she is an animation director, currently a one-woman band who hopes to one day join multiple-people bands for greater adventures!

On her free time she watches movies of all forms and sizes, reads books on all subjects (although sci-fi and mystery novels are her guilty pleasure), plays the piano and abuses the guitar whenever possible and is always interested in the hearing or telling of a good story.

This blog is where she comes to rant about films. She enjoys sharing good films, especially the short ones, and she talks a lot about them. It is a great pleasure to be able to share this particular passion without having to bore her friends all the time. Here you will find classic shorts and films as well as contemporary works and artists. Have a nice day and enjoy the visit!

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