French Simpson couch gag by Sylvain Chomet

You guys know Sylvain Chomet. He is the genious behind L’illusionniste and Les triplettes de Belleville. He has also been honored with the making of an alternate couch scene for The Simpsons intro.

I love everything about this bit. Especially the self-deprecating humour, always a favourite. I also love Sylvain Chomet’s look into the world and the human nature. There’s always a sense of nostalgia mixed with a very critical eye towards people and society that observes and describes with no judgement. Just honest understanding and yet beauty in every shot and expression. He draws his characters with love, he sees people with a need to decode and portray, not to judge, I think. Love him, love him, love him.

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I feel this short film deep in my core. Being a person tormented by anxiety bouts when things spiral out of my control, I can understand the world described here very well. And how artistic and unique, the world being portrayed here, is. Give it a moment, for the technique to work its way into your head, and you will be swept right into it.

Also, hands down excellent craftsmanship. With only coloured pencils and paper, animation at its most basic form.


A lost soul stumbles drunken through the city. In a park, Death finds him and shows him many things. Another excellent short about life and death (these two always go together it seems), which gives its own answer to the age old question. Very beautiful, truly remarkable aesthetics and the animation is spectacular. Watch closely for the morphs and the transitions, quite elegant and unique. I want to ask why the animal is a fox (I would expect a cat to be honest) but of course these things are for the creators to choose. Maybe it’s because of their cunning, or maybe they just like foxes. Enjoy! 


Excellent technique with a strong message, given to us in a somewhat disturbing way. I laughed and loved the twitter bird caricature at first. When the film was done I was not laughing anymore. I still loved the caricature. It’s the animator inside me, I can’t control it.

Music video by Stromae performing carmen. (C) 2015 Mosaert

A little exaggerated

This short is very cute. The design and animation is excellent and truly delightful. The only thing that somewhat stopped me from enjoying it fully was the fact that I found the differences between one’s attitude and true disposition a little over the top. But then again, all people make judgement based on themselves and their experiences. Maybe that’s just what my experience tells me while your experience dictates something different and therefore, this short film speaks to you on a different level. I think it earns a bit of your time people. Enjoy!