I feel this short film deep in my core. Being a person tormented by anxiety bouts when things spiral out of my control, I can understand the world described here very well. And how artistic and unique, the world being portrayed here, is. Give it a moment, for the technique to work its way into your head, and you will be swept right into it.

Also, hands down excellent craftsmanship. With only coloured pencils and paper, animation at its most basic form.


The gullible kiss of Mr.Patokos

A short film about love and our self-assertion towards others.

An amazing short film. Unbelievably good. Such fluid movement, it’s almost alive, perfect animation.Wishing the very best to Alexandros Apostolakis. He is a most excellent artist and a great guy. Be sure to follow up with him. Enjoy!

Disney Week Day 3: Classics

I had a VHS (the term itself is full of memories) when I was a kid that had some Disney cartoon classics, from the really old ones to the then-modern ones. This one was included and it was one of my favourites mainly due to the cards chasing mickey, it seemed hilarious back then. It’s kinda awesome that -to me at least- it doesn’t seem dated today, not really. Enjoy!