I feel this short film deep in my core. Being a person tormented by anxiety bouts when things spiral out of my control, I can understand the world described here very well. And how artistic and unique, the world being portrayed here, is. Give it a moment, for the technique to work its way into your head, and you will be swept right into it.

Also, hands down excellent craftsmanship. With only coloured pencils and paper, animation at its most basic form.


Disney Week Day 1: reels

Ok, I wanted to find production reels. Yeah right, not a lot of those around the internet. I found this infinitely cute reel/short story though. I had really enjoyed Princess and the Frog when it came out. I hadn’t seen a 2d animation movie in a long time and it was wonderful to see a Disney one again. Not to mention the refreshing New Orleans style and jazz. And the little feministic protagonist. And the frogs, all the frogs, I love frogs. This is just a silly little animation game, but still so so good.


An amazing pencil animation by Joanna Quinn. Such excellent movement and animation craftmanship is almost unimaginable. This artist can give life and emotion to lines and make it seem effortless. Loved it. I’m not even going to discuss the great storyline and humour. Excellent as they were as well I couldn’t take my mind and eye away from what I saw long enough to think about them. I had to watch it 3 times in order to pay the necessary attention.


Due to the impending end of my animation class for this year, I was scanning the internet for some incredible main excercises like morphing, walk cycle etc. This was one of the most amazing ones I found. I mean, this guy is awesome. You’ve got excelent morphing and timing, excelent combination of the movement with the background music, not to mention the dreamy theme. So much in such a little time. Well done!

Morphing excercise, made by Jozo Malacky. Traditional animation with paper and pencil.